Roundup of April Fool’s Day Roundups #lazyblogging #phoningitin

Yesterday I woke up to two funny April fool’s emails – Uber NYC’s “Uber Lions” and Fresh Direct’s “Cheese Cleanse.” For a brief moment, I thought that the day had finally come where I’d go back to writing this blog as I intended – you know, actually writing about email instead of all my recent career choices, and being extra snarky. I was hoping I’d feel inspired as more emails hit my inbox.

It’s not that time yet. It will be soon though. Probably. I just started my new job last week, and I’m already doing some business traveling next week, but when things calm down, I’ll write about email again.

I also didn’t think it made sense for me to do an email roundup since everyone else was also doing them, and they were doing a better job of it than I might. Sadly, I didn’t actually end up receiving as many fun April Fool’s day emails as I would have liked. Brands played it safe (and boring) this year. They’re ~not fooling~. I guess they missed last year’s article from Litmus about how this is the most cliched thing a brand can do for April Fools.


From what I’ve gathered, people loved the UberLions and Bonobos emails (because who doesn’t love being told cute animals are imminent?), were kind of pissed off about the West Elm email (with a fake shipping confirmation for your “Future” savings – people who had been victims of identity theft really didn’t find that one funny), and giggled over Boden’s “Naked person on a dress recall” email. I’m sure there were more emails that were noteworthy, but I wasn’t paying attention.

Luckily, other people were. Here are a few roundups of brands that actually tried this year, by content publishers who are doing a much better job than I have been at blogging. (Shoutout to my friend Kayla who wrote this post!)

Email Marketing Rules

Only Influencers

AlchemyWorx Pinterest April Fools Lookbook

Internet Retailer


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