Travel Emails: Fashion inspiration

If you’re reading this as soon as it appeared on your Twitter feed (thanks! You’re the best!), I am on a plane on my way to an island for some very much-needed beach time. But don’t worry – I’ve scheduled a few posts just this one post in advance (sorry).

Summer is coming! Hoooray! Here are a few emails I received that helped me get in a sunny state of mind.

Jack Spade

Jack Spade knows how to get people excited about summer. This email, sent on 4/16, introduced the brand’s summer collection in an interesting and creative way: with a summer road trip. It features large images of a guy driving on a sunny day, with a girl at his side and a Jack Spade bag in his trunk. It features products, but in a nice subtle way.

What I love about it is that it’s not making me think about shopping at all. It’s making me think about going on a road trip, and how great that sounds. The CTAs are more about going on a road trip than buying products (I actually tried to click and have a road trip appear. It didn’t work.) The names of the products featured are very tiny and tasteful in the corner of the images. Of course, for a road trip, one needs a duffel and just the right outfit.

Subject line: The Escape

jacks_05062014_1jacks_05062014_2 jacks_05062014_3 jacks_05062014_4


Once you’ve reached the destination of your road trip, it’s (hopefully) time to cool down in some water. Luckily, Bonobos sent this beautiful email (also on 4/16- why were there so many interesting emails that day?). That first picture – perfection. The subject line and the image of the pretty blue water just made me want to dive in (which works SO well, because that’s exactly what their CTA was). Like the above email, it’s simple, clean, and good. It’s even informative  with a diagram of different lengths of board shorts, which is nice because Bonobos is mostly an online business, and it may be hard to figure out what length to buy just based on measurements.

Subject lineCannonbaaall!

bonobos_05062014_1 bonobos_05062014_2 bonobos_05062014_3

Banana Republic Factory

Last, we have this email from Banana Republic Factory. It was especially timely because I got it the day before I left for a quick weekend trip to visit a friend. Again, I like its simplicity and how it’s making me think about packing for a trip (more than it’s making me think about buying things to pack for a trip, but you know, I always need SOME kind of wardrobe update before I travel.)

Subject line: Weekend Inspiration from $24.99!

banana_05062014_1 banana_05062014_2



I’d write more, but there’s a beach calling my name. I’m sure you understand.