About Email Snarketing

Email Snarketing was created with a simple purpose: to call out bad email marketing practices in the hopes that brands will make their email programs better, and discuss what it’s like to be an email marketing. I’m tired of my industry being referred to as “spam.”  Email is more personal than other forms of marketing, and the possibilities for customization and targeted content are endless. Why aren’t more brands doing that?

This blog’s goal is to show what makes a good (or not so good) email. It’s really not intended to be mean spirited. Email marketing is hard. From sending emails as long as I have, I know how easy it is to get stuck sending bad emails due to lack of resources, internal systems that don’t work with your ESP, or even difficulties explaining good email marketing to non-email marketers. Believe me, I get it.

Let’s make email better.

About Me

Kristin Bond


I have been an email nerd since 2008. I manage the email marketing team at Girl Scouts of the USA. At Girl Scouts, I am the product owner for email and focus on our national email strategy and training/migrating local councils on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I’ve sent millions (maybe billions?) of emails over the years for brands including Warby Parker, Gerson Lehrman Group, and Food52.
I regularly speak at email marketing conferences and events and am a proud co-founder and board member of Women of Email, an association aimed at promoting leadership and cultivating professional growth among women in the email space. I tweet about email (and other things) at @emailsnarketing.
I hold a BA in PR/Journalism from Ball State University with a minor in Technical Theatre – Costume Design and currently reside in New York City with my husband. In my spare time, I take sewing classes and make my own clothes (and award winning Halloween costumes).
This interview on the Litmus Email Design Podcast is really the best documentation of my background.

The views on this blog are my own and are not a reflection on any of my current or previous employers.



    1. Soon! I just started a new job about two months ago, and things have been a bit crazy getting into the swing of things. I’m planning on getting back into it in the next week or so. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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