Q&A with me about my Intro to Email Marketing Class

Samantha Iodice, another email marketer, interviewed me about my Intro to Email Marketing class for her blog, in which I talk about why I’m teaching the class, why email marketers are a little masochistic, and cookies. Naturally.

One of the greatest things about participating in the Email Marketing community is realizing it’s a small, tight-knit group. What’s wonderful about this aspect is that when you get to know the members of this community, you build friendships, bonds, partnerships, allies, and feel supported, even when the chips may be down. It’s like a digital family that fights like family and makes up at the end of the day too. It’s pretty cool and I’m proud to be a part of this digital family.

As a contributing member, as well as a strong supporter of Email Snarketing’s Kristin Bond, I have some fantastic news to share of her upcoming courses. But, along with the courses, I asked Kristin a few questions on why she was doing the courses and her passion for Email Marketing. First, here’s some details on her course, “Intro to Email Marketing” on Tuesday, March 3rd OR Thursday, April 2nd in NYC.

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