I’m speaking at Litmus Live this year!

Excited to announce that at the end of September October, I’ll be speaking at Litmus Live in Boston online about email careers. This is usually my favorite conference to participate in, and I’m looking forward to seeing email friends in person after so much time away learning a whole bunch while wearing stretch pants. Last time I was there – I was just starting my second trimester of pregnancy. Now I have a walking, talking toddler.

The topic for my session is Email Careers: How did we get here (and where do we go?). I’ll be exploring the many paths that people have taken that led them to email, and talking about how the random skills you have from (seemingly) irrelevant parts of you life make you better at your job. I’ll also cover how to use those skills and other soft skills we don’t often talk about to get to the next level of your career.

As part of this session – I’m doing some research about peoples’ email paths. Some of the questions might seem oddly specific, but there are reasons (which you’ll just have to see if you attend the conference!).

Register for the conference, which is being offered both in person and online. Hope to see you there!


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