It’s Leap Day, so… hi!

I’ve started and not finished quite a few blog posts in the last few months. I have a few drafts in my Notes app that I’ve feverishly typed up on my phone on the subway. But the random surges of writing inspiration kind of fade away as soon as I get home and have time to fully write anything. I’ve had better luck on Twitter, as many of you know. But, yesterday I had to renew my domain for my blog, and since my old debit card had expired, I had to actively go in and update it, because is an amazing domain/twitter handle, and I will NOT let Donald Trump take it and redirect it to his site.

So you’ll just have to imagine what my “Tedc15 Recap” blog post was like. You’ll have to draw your own conclusions on the level of angst in my “Orange Love Letter: One Year Later” post based on my tweets about being on hold with support.  You’ll have to smile at how far we’ve come as an email industry on your own, without reading my “Vintage Emails” post. You’ll have to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat and match it up with my other social media posts to get an idea about “Kristin’s Career in 2015, as Described by Hamilton Lyrics.” You’ll have to prepare some brisket and read through this twitter conversation to find out what #brisketwatch2016 is.

I’m already almost a year into my job at Girl Scouts. And I still love it! (Take THAT, job-hopping track record!) It’s very immersive in email. I’ve now trained almost 200 people on that orange(ish) ESP, with another 50 or so added every few months. It’s really strengthened my knowledge of this particular platform, but even more importantly – I’ve had to re-evaluate and justify every single email ~best practice~ I’ve ever known. Between my day job of helping people with email for their jobs, and my night job of teaching a monthly intro to email class, I’ve had to answer “But… why?” about a million times. Why do I need to use an authenticated from email address? Why do we need pre-header text? Why can’t I make my whole email an image? Why does my email look like that in Outlook? Why do you keep making that face when I say the word “e-blast?” Why do we have “This email was sent to [email address]” in the footer? (Anyone know that last one? It seems like an outdated thing, but everyone still does it…)

Anyway, from all that, I feel like I spend all of my time talking about email. And it’s made me feel less interested in writing about email here. But good news – I am still showing up at email conferences.

I’ll be speaking at the new Only Influencers conference in May in Las Vegas: The Email Innovations Summit. It’ll be a great group of people who are insanely smart, talking about email! I’ve been going to about 3-4 email conferences a year for a while now, and I’m really excited about this one. It’s not going to be a ton of sales pitches like so many other conferences have become – it’s just straight up email nerds being nerdy. I’m going to be talking about the innovations I’ve been working on with Girl Scouts over the last year, and how I’ve handled 50 ESP migrations in a year without going crazy.

Anyone who registers with promo code SPKBON will receive 15% off the full conference price. (And even more valuable, you’ll probably get to hang out with me!)



One thought on “It’s Leap Day, so… hi!

  1. Kudos to you for answering all those whys. It’s important not to forget them and remember there are reasons for the madness of 90% of the things we have to do in email marketing.

    And good luck at the conference – looks like an awesome one to be heading off to.

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