It’s alright, ’cause I’m (referencing) Saved by the Bell

I’m still digging through and categorizing emails, but I just came across this one from last week.

It’s obviously incredible.

Subject line: Screeeech: it’s sneaker time!

screech powers

I don’t even really wear sneakers (or anything remotely athletic, really, unless you count the yoga pants I’m wearing right now that have never been to a yoga class), but this email makes me want to go outside and ride a bike. Or do a sport (if I only knew how to sport…). I’m not even 100% sure that I get the “Screech” reference/ play on words (they’re talking about the sound sneakers make while engaging in physical activity in a sporting facility, no?).

But the important thing is, they referenced the universal ’90s nostalgia jackpot: Saved by the Bell. Their target audience is definitely people in the age group that would appreciate it. And it’s kind of subtle. People probably don’t necessarily remember Screech’s last name from the show (it’s Powers), but it’ll sound familiar enough that they’ll google it. At least, I did.

Back to digging through emails.


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