Subject line Sunday: Mad Men edition

I’m excited that Mad Men is back tonight, even if it means I’ll be up pretty late since it’s on at the same time as Game of Thrones (and I can’t just save one for tomorrow. I’ve waited too long for both of these shows.) I think a lot of marketers and advertisers love the show because it makes our jobs seem really cool (and we understand why the stress of their jobs leads them to drink all day long).

Lots of brands have tried to use everyone’s love of excellent television to their own advantage (not unlike I’m doing right now by posting this hours before the show is on…). But this subject line on today’s email from Jack Threads that my co-worker forwarded to me is pretty bold.

Subject: Don’t Dress Like a Dick (…Whitman). Suit Up Like a Boss in Mad Men-Inspired Style.

Kind of risky, right? Not everyone watches Mad Men, and I’m sure they had subscribers who had no idea what that first sentence meant. I’m sure some people were offended and unsubscribed over it.

But did they open the email? Probably.

jack threads mad men 1a

jack theads madmen2

jack threads madmen3

I would add the rest of the email, but it went on forever like this and I need to mentally prepare for the amazing television I’m about to watch. But you get the idea. Enjoy Mad Men tonight!


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