Aside from this blog, which really is the best email marketing resource out there, here are some other places where you can learn more about email marketing.

  • Women of Email: A little (not!) group of women who work in email marketing. We get women on stage at conferences and support each other’s careers in all kinds of ways on our Facebook group.
  • CAN-SPAM: A handy reference that outlines the rules of CAN-SPAM
  • Litmus: Great online community, amazing blog, rendering testing tools, newsletters, email building tools – this company is every email marketer’s BFF. I haven’t been to their conference yet, but they’ve had email nerd speed dating events in the past, so yeah.
  • ReturnPath: Deliverability experts.
  • Common Spam Trigger words: Words to avoid in your email marketing to stay out of spam filters.
  • Email Marketing Dictionary: Commonly used terms in the email world.
  • MediaPost Email Marketing Daily: Articles about email marketing. They also put on several email marketing conferences a year, that often involve hot tubs and 4 cocktail parties a day, so there’s that.
  • The Email Experience Council: All kinds of great resources.

There are millions of other resources out there, and I’ll be updating this page as I find more that I like and use frequently. What am I missing? Please comment below and let me know!


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